Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is the prescription of specific exercises to restore strength, balance and function while considering your unique condition and physique. The exercises are tailored to treat pain and stiffness and optimize your “hands-on” therapy. It has been proven that early exercise results in a faster and more complete recovery for most conditions but it must be within safe and effective parameters for your specific injury and recovery state. Karina encourages her patients to take an active role in their care and therefore prevent dependence on their physiotherapist.

Although exercise therapy is included with almost all conditions treated by Karina, some specific reasons to include exercise therapy are:

  • Core stability and general decondition following an injury
  • Postural malalignment and muscle imbalances
  • Movement dysfunction
  • Preparing for sporting events
  • Optimizing sporting performance

We want to see you back in the game… whether that’s your daily 9-5 routine or trying to reach a podium. For help with your goal please book online or contact Karina.